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There is a community of fabulously successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists, social activists, and artists that are all ragingly ADD. This site is about bringing these people together to provide a centralized forum and repository of helpful information about how to be successful with ADD / ADHD. Our goal is to Educate, Advocate and Empower. We ask that you contribute in any way possible to help our community dominate.


Non-linear thought, unchecked creativity, off the wall energy, constant optimism, and monstrous ambition: negatives – we think not! These are attributes of social leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Un-mastered, these characteristics can result in frustration, social awkwardness, relationship problems and difficulty in school and the work place. Those fortunate enough to be blessed with ADD/ADHD often possess these character traits and need only to identify these attributes as the gifts that they are. Once ADD/ADHD is identified the individual must work to harness and leverage it to their full potential as opposed to letting it have detrimental effects on life.


Identifying, embracing, and understanding what it is to be ADD/ADHD is key to turning these so called disorders into powerful tools. Like anything else in life, to be informed is to be empowered.

We ADD/ADHD’ers are the tree climbers, knee bouncers, classroom disrupters, educational hustlers, master networkers, relationship builders, risk-taking adventurers, and the life of the party. Our intentions are positive, but often we tend to get into trouble. We mean well, but sometimes people just can’t resonate, keep up, understand, and or allow us to be us. A loved one may get fed up with our restlessness, our teachers and bosses may misjudge our overflowing energy as intentionally disruptive behavior, and our parents may not understand our constantly shifting focus and interests. Guess what, there are thousands like us, and it is our job to set people straight. Do not let your unique talents be misinterpreted, but do not make the mistake of thinking others will automatically understand you. Take ownership of, and responsibility for and pride in your ADD/ADHD and help us educate others about it. Those of us who have figured it out are running the show.


Take a look at some of the most progressive, young, entrepreneurial and social activist organizations today: The Summit Series, The Sand Box Network, GenNext. These are communities of highly motivated, successful and powerful young adults. There is a common thread throughout the constituencies of these groups. The type A personalities, the high-intensity and creativity, the eagerness to connect, network and assist one another, ADD and ADHD minds naturally attract.