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Get squared away

Successfully mastering your ADD/ADHD requires a change of conversation, the identification of, and compensation for your strengths and weaknesses, and a support network.

One on one workshops

Work with Louise and her team over the phone or in person. The ADD Empower team demystifies and clarifies the different aspects of the disorder and how it affects every facet of your life. Simply having the tools and education to change the conversation provides tremendous relief. We will provide you with the tools, resources and connections to go from understanding your ADD/ADHD to dominating.

Weekend Warrior

Located on the East Coast and want to address the issues of ADD/ADHD with the entire team? Take a full emersion approach to maximizing the ADD/ADHD in your organization. From advocacy, communication and idea execution techniques to mentorship provisioning, bask in the sun, swim in the pool, eat organic farm to table meals, shoot trap and skeet, take the motorcycle for a ride and live and breathe the power of ADD/ADHD for a weekend on a Connecticut estate.

Bring in the big guns

Louise will travel to mentor the individual, family unit, academic community or corporate team in effective strategies to mitigate the difficulties and to maximize the potential of ADD.

Quotes and testimonials

We are driven by the challenge, the financial reward is a perk, but it is the game that thrills us.:

Positively channeling your energy, obsessions and dedication. Full emersion , enjoying the moment, harnessing your energy
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly – Just have fun and be light hearted
Its about a set of these characteristics
Out of chaos and into clarity – changing the internal conversation